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Job role:Architect

Skills:sketching, 3D and physical models, visuals and graphics

We are more than an architectural practice – we’re a team of teams with diverse and extensive expertise. We lead projects in our unique integrated way, delivering exceptional value and a positive impact for our clients and communities.

Founded in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1953, we now have teams collaborating across the UK and internationally, with a shared commitment to our ethos of Everything architecture.

Recent project reports

Building the Pods
Posted about Sleep and H2O 2000 by Jack

We have been looking at how Jack's shelter could plug in to a structure.  These shelters would be able to provide a living / sleeping space for one person and could be joined to facilitate a family. 

We have also begun to work on the final 3D model!

Initial Ideas
Posted about Sleep and H2O 2000 by Jack

We have started to look at how the shelter could be made mobile and also be as flexible as possible.  One of our ideas is to create a permanent structure which could house the solar panels and rainwater collector, pods could plug in to it to access power and water.  This could allow more than one shelter to be facilitated at one time.

First Brainstorming Session
Posted about Sleep and H2O 2000 by Jack

We invited Jack to the office to talk through his idea and how we might bring it to life. Jack had some fantastic ideas, one of which was to make the shelter mobile so it could be moved to where it is needed most.

Ideas brought to life