Little Inventors

Honey Postle

Kingston, Surrey, U.K.
6 brought to life

Job role:Designer

Skills:Creative thinking, ethical modelmaking, and a lot of learning as I go!

I'm Honey, and I specialise in environmentally conscious and ethical design. I create models from materials we consider 'waste', giving them new life as something treasured. I am a recent graduate and paired with Little Inventors for the Falmouth University collaboration in my final year project.

Recent project reports

Choosing this invention
Posted about The Nutritionist Glasses by Elea

This invention stuck in my head and so I've decided to bring it to life.

Understanding food can be tricky, and developing a healthy relationship with it can be even harder. I think these glasses could help us identify which foods to try and include more of in our diets, or help persuade us to try a new vegetable we've never heard of. They could even be used at a food market if you want to avoid super spicy food!

I think this idea is great Elea, and I am excited to bring it to life :)

Starting the model
Posted about The dog and cat kit by Joe

Here are some photos of the early stages of making the Dog and Cat Kit! This invention was made as part of the Falmouth University collaboration. Joe drew his invention with so much personality that we wanted to keep it in the model. Issy drew up the initial plans for the model as the three of us talked about how we would keep true to Joe's drawing. 

We decided to keep the cross and buttons just as Joe drew them!